International Entrepreneurship Lecture Series
08. Sep. 2020 16:45 – 18:15 Ort:   Online platform: Veranstalter: TU Braunschweig
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Build your International Entrepreneurship Skills & Competences

Connect your ideas. Start up now!

本次中德创业系列讲座旨在为大家介绍企业家精神、创业文化和创业所需的基本知识,例如:了解什么是商业构想? 如何从商业创意中找到相应的商业模式? 你需要什么技能?什么是企业家心态? 如何成功创建自己的初创企业?为此,我们邀请了中德两国在商业和创业方面知名的教授和讲师。

The International Entrepreneurship Lecture Series is an online seminar. It is designed to introduce you to entrepreneurship and start-up culture. You will learn skills, such as what is a business idea? How can business ideas be developed into business models? What are the skills you need and what is an entrepreneurial mindset? To teach you about what it takes to create a successful start-up, we invited Chinese and German lecturers.      

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主题 | Topic


September, 2020

Innovation and Tech Startups Branding

(Chinese speaker)


October, 2020

International Law for Start-ups

(German speaker)


November, 2020

International Marketing for Start-ups

(Chinese speaker)


December, 2020

Digital Leadership in Intercultural Teams

(German speaker)


January, 2021

How to Convince Investors

(Chinese speaker)


February, 2021

Future Prospects of International Entrepreneurship & Innovation

(German speaker)


第一场讲座 | The first lecture

时间: 2020年9月8日, 下午16:45 – 18:15

Date & Time: 16:45 – 18:15, September 08th, 2020


Online platform: BigBlueButton

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Speaker: Prof. Tao Xu, Tongji University


Prof. Tao Xu holds a PhD in Ein Bild, das Person, Mann, Schlips, Anzug enthält.Automatisch generierte Beschreibungbusiness management, and currently he’s associate professor in the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Tongji University, China. He also serves as deputy director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center of Tongji University, deputy secretary general of Chinese HEIs’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of education, deputy director of youth working committee of China Creative Society, researcher of Shanghai Industrial Innovation Ecosystem Research Center. Besides, he’s paid frequent academic visits to some globally prestigious universities and worked as visiting scholar to the School of Education, Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of FSU respectively.

Academically, he’s presided over quite a few national projects, published more than 30 academic papers and authored five innovation and entrepreneurship related books. He teaches courses like Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management, Global Leadership and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, among others.


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